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  七月[QiYue]来了,白天出门,仿佛在火焰山行走。    前些天多雨,早晚还阴冷无比,可转瞬之间,阴沉与凉意一下杳无踪影。    这两天日日晴朗,炎阳高悬。每天一抬头都是蓝天白云,简直美不胜收,却是热不可耐!    有人对当前的气候是这样描述的:“空气中弥散着甜甜的冰淇淋的感觉[GanJue],这是盛夏味道[WeiDao],浓郁而香甜!”    这是矫情。真正盛夏的味道[WeiDao]是:烈焰升腾,炙热把所有的感觉[GanJue]烧成灰烬,只剩下高炉铁水融化的味道[WeiDao]。    盛夏里的城市[ChengShi],风是热的,云是懒的,连城市[ChengShi]的喧闹也变得有些停滞,大多数人恹恹的,像极了行道旁那人工栽植的绿树,无精打采的侍立着。    今儿太热婚外情,走到哪儿都被城市[ChengShi]里这股热气给罩笼着。走到一片多荫的树下站立,原想吹吹凉风,风却躲起来不肯见人,也许是歇凉偷懒去了。    这才是阳历七月[QiYue]初,还没有进入伏天酷暑,在这样的时节,最舒适的莫过于清晨,那可是滚滚热浪升腾前短暂的清凉啊!    我最不喜这座城市密密麻麻栽植了的银杏。都说银杏“大富大贵”,可它生长缓慢,树叶细小,遮阴效果不理想。我还是喜欢一种叫“法国梧桐”的行道树,高大虬劲,叶大浓密,给躁热的城市[ChengShi]生生分隔出一片阴凉。作为城市管理者,很在乎城市[ChengShi]的“高大上”,却忽略了里面的人。  July is coming,Go out in the daytime,As if walking in the volcano.    The other day and rainy,Sooner or later is cold,Can be instantly,Cloudy and cool the disappeared.    These two days sunny day by day,Inflammation Yang hung.Looked up every day is the blue sky white clouds,Absolutely beautiful,It is heat resistant!    Some of the current climate is described:“Has the feeling of sweet ice cream in the air,This is the taste of summer,Rich and sweet!”    This is cute.Really is the taste of summer:Flames rising,Hot ashes of all feeling,Only the taste of blast furnace molten iron melt.    The city in the summer,The wind is hot,The cloud is lazy,Even the noise of the city also become some stagnation,Most people are of the weak and weary through illness,Like line along the artificial planting trees,Listlessly stand.    Today is too hot,'is the city heat to cover the cage.Go to a shady standing under the tree,Wanted to blow the cool air,The wind but hide is not willing to see people,May be lazy relax in a cool place.    This is the Gregorian calendar in early July,Has not yet entered the dog days summer,In this season,The most comfortable way to early in the morning,That's a heat wave rise before short of cool and refreshing!    I don't like most of the city,dense planting the ginkgo.It is said that ginkgo biloba l.“How great you are”,But it grows slowly,Leaves small,Shade the effect is not ideal.I prefer a call“platanus”The trees,Tall QiuJin,Large thick leaves,To the hot city living space out of a piece of shade.As the city managers,Care about the city“On the tall”,But ignored the people inside.