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  Have seen a martial arts film,Remember the inside of the heroine named golden dart huang ba,Martial arts high strength,XiaGanYiDan.


  I want to say with -- and horse,Is a kind of network supervision software,Green dam,Green dam,Green ba.


  Over the weekend,Have a plenty of free time,Have a creative impulse,Is the clear to Harbin gas,Racking my brains,A few hours,A magnificently wrote a log,Reflect the thought of me to the life and social status is no good.Never put off till tomorrow what you can write,Carefully watched it again from beginning to end,Feel good about themselves,Hence,published in the QQ space.Kingdom to network management as soon as we round up filter!


  I refuse to obey,Not to be taunted had to yield.To amend the document,The system contains may feel sensitive words,To delete,He took to published,Unaware that still won't do,Again for round of cuts,So three transgressions,Not like the article has been deleted,Forget it,Be not hair also!


  In fact,even the first draft of this article,Also not vilified content,Is nothing but spoke of some social status to blame,But just a few words.This world is so,Some people's belly is more and more big,But smaller)!


  I want to write something freely,But no dignity.They also had preached vowed:Let people live a happy and dignified life!I am writing,But in order to express the dignity,The dignity of intelligence,The dignity of the soul,That's all!


  I love this country,I just despise certain groups,Some people and things,Serious despise!