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  世上没有[MeiYou]完人,所以人与人相处,对他人要求也不宜太高,谁也不该要求谁忠孝礼智信样样齐备。   这年头都想做有钱人。有人每年收入几百几千万,但他大抵不会有时间去花这笔钱,依然日复日、年复年的去挣钱,一刻不放松,存折上的数字一路飞涨;又有人挣钱觉得紧够用,量入为出,生活上样样不缺,就很舒服,该吃喝玩乐、环游世界一样不落下。正所谓各人有各人生活方式,求仁得仁。   漫漫人生路,没有[MeiYou]谁不曾苦闷的时候。可台上一分钟,台下十年功。作为一个学子,高考成绩一亮相,哇,再苦再闷也是值得的。作为一名科学家,在实验室里一闷多年,非人生活,一旦有所发现,抵得过寒窗十载。作为一写手,生活中大抵是苦闷的,三更灯火,寂寞孤独,自言自语,字斟句酌,劳心劳力写出的大部头,不过只要还有人说很不错,便是心满意足。人一生嬉戏光阴,东游西逛,眼见岁月老去,而一无是成,岂不是最苦闷?   人生在世瘦身减肥,名利二字。没有[MeiYou]人不想得“名”。人求名很累,一旦出名,还得维持名气,更累。这就是一个词语所说的:为名所累。我有个朋友,人送雅号“酒仙”,意思是嗜酒如命,且酒量奇大。我这朋友经常在私底下向我诉苦,说“虚名所累啊——我只要一到了酒局,不管身体状况如何,也要一番豪饮,可现如今年纪大了,健康差了,各类聚会应酬里本不想喝酒,却是万万不能啊。”   小张[XiaoZhang]本人仪表堂堂,玉树临风,他的头一个女朋友也是貌美如花,颇有范冰冰的身材容貌。可小张很快就与其分手了,谈的下一个女朋友外貌普通,准确的说偏矮、偏胖,流行时尚但两人感情很好,如胶似漆,很快就到了谈婚论嫁的地步。熟识小张[XiaoZhang]的人就奇而问之:“你头一个女朋友难道不好吗?”小张[XiaoZhang]答道:“她是好,各方面条件都很好,可她对我并不好。”诚然,哪怕对方是金枝玉叶,条件再好,对你不好,有什么用?什么是好伴侣,对你好最重要。  There is no perfect man,So people get along with,Requirements for others also shoulds not be too high,Who should not require filial piety ceremony letter everything ready.   This year all want to be rich.Some revenue each year hundreds of millions,But he probably won't have time to spend the money,Day after day still/Year after year to earn money,Moment not loosen,The Numbers in the passbook soaring;Again someone feel tight enough to earn money,Live within your means,Everything in life is not short,It is very comfortable,The beer and skittles/Don't fall in to travel around the world.What is called each one has his way of life,Benevolence to ren.   The long race,No one never depressed from time to time.Can be on stage for one minute,The audience ten years of work.As a student,The university entrance exam a debut,Wow!,Frowsty again painstakingly again also is worth it.As a scientist,A stuffy in the laboratory for years,Non-human life,Once you have found,For learning for ten years.As a writer,Generally in life is depressed,The night lights,Lonely lonely,self-talk,The utmost,Pesters write tome,But as long as others say very good,Is satisfied.Playing time is life,The east swim around,See the years old,But nothing is as,Is it not the most depressed?   Life on earth,Fame and wealth may be the word.Nobody don't want to“The name”.Seeking the name is very tired,Once a famous,Still have to maintain reputation,More tired.This is a word said:The name of the tired.I have a friend,People send derisively called“jiuxian”,Mean hard-drinking,And drinking far too.My friends often privately complain to me,said“Name the tired!——I only want a bureau to wine,No matter how physical condition,Also want some kind of booze,But now old,Poor health,All kinds of dinner party in the party didn't want to drink,Is you can do nothing.”   Zhang himself,Well proportioned,His first girlfriend is beautiful,There is quite a fan bingbing shape features.But zhang soon broke up,Talk about a girlfriend looks ordinary,Accurately partial short/chubby,But two people feeling is very good,d.,Soon to the point of talking about marriage.Familiar with zhang and ask people:“Don't you first girlfriend is bad?”Zhang answered:“She is good,Various conditions are good,But she is not good for me.”It is true,Even if the other party's military,Conditions again good,Is bad for you,What's the use of?What is a good partner,Good for you is the most important.