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  人一生,有人会随时随地对自己[ZiJi]满意吗?    答案是NO!    那么,有人会在人生的某一阶段、某一时刻觉得自己[ZiJi]是满意的吗?    答案是YES!    静坐电脑前码字,忽然觉得:当下的自己[ZiJi]可能正抱拥着圆满的人生[RenSheng]。    我认为圆满的人生[RenSheng],是一种可以超然物外,淡泊名利,过纯粹精神生活的人生[RenSheng]。    这是一种脱俗[TuoSu]的生活,既不为谋生而担虑、又能抵御世界的孤独寂寞。    人,只有拥有大智慧,才能过上真正脱俗的生活。    我没有大智慧,所以我做不到真正脱俗的生活。不过,我越来越能将名利得失看淡,虽然无法获得最终的超脱,至少当下是自在洒脱的。    人上中年,美容化妆突然对兴致勃勃去追逐的生活感到倦了,倦了,就淡了!我现在的生活,就是学着去看淡一切,淡了,就放下了!心头从未有的自由不羁。    有时我们退让一点反而是向前,老话不是说“退一步海阔天空”吗?当我们尝试着将一切人与事看淡一点,会看到平时我们忽略或看不见的许多精致。    比如:你在俗世的奔波忙碌中,你看到过晴空万里白云悠悠江水悠悠吗?你看到过晴朗夏夜缀满星斗的深邃夜空了吗?你看到过雨后日出树冠上那闪闪亮的金子了吗?    看淡俗世的生活,就是让自己[ZiJi]的眼睛偶尔能看到这样奇异的美景,情感并从灵魂深处感受到悸动。    当我们身在俗世淡然处之,也许你失去一些的荣华富贵,但与此同时,你又会得到其他很多,比如,你会耳顺心宁,少听到很多俗世[SuShi]那各种各样的噪音:马达声、喇叭声、吵闹声····  One of life,Someone will be satisfied with your anytime and anywhere?    The answer is NO!    then,There will be someone in a certain stage of life/One point is feel satisfied?    The answer is YES!    Sit before computer code word,Suddenly feel:The present themselves may be embrace the perfection of life.    I think a complete life,Is a kind of can be detached,Indifferent to fame and wealth,A purely spiritual life of life.    This is a life of free from vulgarity,Neither worries for a living/Can resist the world lonely again.    people,Only a great wisdom,To live a life true and free from vulgarity.    I don't have big wisdom,So I can't really refined life.However,,More and more,I can see light will gain fame and fortune,Although cannot be detached,At least now is free and easy.    People on the middle-aged,Suddenly feel tired for the enthusiastic pursuit of life,tired,Is the light!My life now,All is to learn to see light,The light,Just put the!My heart never some freedom.    Sometimes we back down a bit but the forward,The old not to say that“Take a step back broad sky”??When we tried to put all the people and things look a bit pale,See at ordinary times we ignore or invisible many delicate.    Such as:In your earthly busy people,Have you seen clear white clouds leisurely long river?Have you seen sunny summer night with the stars in the deep night sky?Have you seen after the rain,the canopy that sparkling gold?    See light earthly life,Is to let my eyes can see occasionally such singular beauty,And from the depths of the soul to feel throb.    When we are in the world at peace,You may lose some of the wealth,But at the same time,You will get many other again,Such as,You'll sixties heart better,Hear a lot less earthly that all kinds of noise:motors/The horn/The noise····