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  又一个炎炎夏日,烈日高照。   据天气预报,未来几天都是高温,摄氏37度左右。   中午下班走在人行道上,只感觉热浪滚滚的空气中有毒似的,让人窒息的有点喘不过气来。   好友阿黄请我吃饭,在河边的小餐馆。一头大汗的走过去,见他早到了,光着膀子[BangZi],坦胸露乳。我使劲摇着手中的折扇,笑道:“座中有美女,你这样光着膀子[BangZi],也忒不斯文了吧。”“从小在农村长大,一直有光膀子[BangZi]的习惯,”阿黄说道,“这天气就像火一般的燃烧,不光膀子[BangZi]吧,仿佛完全忍受不了[BuLiao]这炎热。”   午后由走着去上班,阳光更加炽热。都市里的女人最怕晒,情感大街上都举着遮阳伞,有些还戴着宽大的墨镜,匆匆赶路,生怕脸蛋和肌肤有那么一点损害。   我想,即便是在这样的高温酷热天气里,一定还有人不顾汗水湿透了衣背,弓着腰身劳作着。为了生存,哪怕皮肤被暴晒脱落,他们也不会感到痛的。   进到自己办公室[BanGongShi],凉爽的空调很快便凝固了周身的汗水。混机关就这点好,只要没有紧要的事务相逼迫,就可以什么事也懒得做,喝着茶上着网,安逸的享受着一片清凉与空闲。  Another hot summer,The sun was shining.   According to the weather forecast,In the coming days are high temperature,About 37 degrees Celsius.   Walk on the sidewalk from work at noon,Just feel the heat in the air toxic,Suffocating is a little out of breath.   Good friend huang please me to dinner,In a small restaurant by the river.A head of sweat,To see him early,Bare arms,Boobs exposed breast.I shook hands of folding fan,laughed:“In a beauty,With bare arms like you,Also te not sven.”“Grew up in the countryside,Always have the habit of light arms,”Huang said,“The weather is like fire burning,Not only arm!,As if completely can't stand the heat.”   In the afternoon by walking to work,The sun is more hot.A woman the most afraid of sun city,The street are carrying umbrellas,Some are wearing big sunglasses,Hurried on,Afraid to face and a little bit of skin damage.   I want to,Even in such a high temperature hot weather,There must be people regardless of sweat soaked clothes back,Arches the girth toil.In order to survive,Even if the skin is sun fall off,They will not feel pain.   Into his office,Soon cool air conditioning solidified in the whole body sweat.Mixed authority for that good,As long as no matter affairs of persecution,You can also too lazy to do,Drinking tea on the net,Enjoy a cool and free of ease.

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