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   好友阿幺向我讲述他昨夜做的一个梦——有一座巍峨的宫殿,里面的墙壁全是一面面镜子。有很多[HenDuo]人走进去,但奇怪的是,只看见有人进去,却没有人出来。于是,好奇心驱使他也进入,打算一探究竟。进去后,他发现里面空无一人,一看墙壁上镜子,他看到的却是惊惶失措的自己[ZiJi]——一只软惊悚的兔子,正红着眼睛哀哭。   阿幺就问我:你不是老自诩你精通弗洛伊德的学说吗,那你给我解解梦,这梦到底视线说明了什么?   我笑道:这说明你外在刚毅,其实[QiShi]内心柔弱;这说明你在人前是表现的是某一面,其实[QiShi]你隐藏了很多[HenDuo]不为人知的一面;这说明你表面上看起来浑身满满的正能量,其实[QiShi]你很可能是一个自私、阴暗、荒淫无度的丑恶的家伙,坏的连你自己[ZiJi]都不敢去想象。   见我如是说,阿幺有些吃惊,半天喃喃自语道:你这梦也解的太深了!   我又笑道:其实[QiShi],美体塑身人们不敢面对的,往往是心底真实的自己[ZiJi]。有时我们不小心看到了自己[ZiJi]的真相,简直吓坏了自己[ZiJi]!   O friend tells me what he do a dream last night——There is a majestic palace,All is jut a mirror inside the walls.There are many people in it,But the strange thing is,Just saw someone in,But no one came out.so,Curiosity drove him into,To find out.After go in,He found it was empty,A look at the mirror on the wall,He could see was panic-stricken themselves——A soft thriller rabbit,Is red with weeping eyes.   MAO asked me o:You are not old boast you proficient in Freud's theories,That solving the dream you gave me,The dream really add up to?   I laughed:That means you are external fortitude,But weak at heart;It shows the performance in front of you is on one side,In fact you hide a lot of unknown side;That means you are seemingly was full of positive energy,In fact you are likely to be a selfish/dark/The worst excesses of the ugly guy,Bad even dare not to imagine yourself.   See me,,MAO was somewhat surprised,A half-day muttered to himself:You are the dream was too deep!   I smiled again:Actually,,People dare not face,Tend to be true to yourself.Sometimes we accidentally saw his truth,It has scared yourself!