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  昨日一场暴雨来的猛,走的也快。今日,就轮到了太阳来执勤。   雨后的天空[TianKong]蔚蓝如洗,只有[ZhiYou]雪白的云朵浮游在空中,更增添了蓝天的纯净。   除了美丽[MeiLi]的天空[TianKong],远处的山,近处的楼台亭榭、花草树木,所有这一[ZheYi]切,构成了一幅雨过天晴的明亮洁净画面,着实使人赏心悦目。   我出神的望着天空[TianKong],天空[TianKong]是如此美丽,丫丫女人收集整理蓝天白云相得益彰。望着它,我整个心仿佛都是空的,只有[ZhiYou]眼前的这深邃的蓝天。   这一[ZheYi]刻,我又童心勃发,对着天空[TianKong]上奇形怪状的朵朵白云产生无边的遐想·····忽然,几只可爱的小鸟从低空掠过,唧唧喳喳的叫着,好像在给雪白的云朵儿打招呼。   我很想成为天空中的白云[BaiYun],丫丫女人不管不顾,悠闲自在,可以跳出三界外,不在五行中,两耳不闻市井嘈杂声,自由游弋·····  A storm of fierce yesterday,Go faster.Today,,Just turn the sun to on duty.   The blue sky after the rain,such as washing,Only the white clouds floating in the air,Add the pure blue sky.   In addition to the beautiful sky,The distant mountain,The near number crunchers TingXie/Trees and flowers,All of this,Compose a bright and clean image after a storm comes a calm,Really make people feast for the eyes.   I get lost looking at the sky,The sky is so beautiful,Blue skies bring out the best in each other.Looking at it,If my whole heart was empty,Only in front of the deep blue sky.   At this moment,I'm shin arose,Strange on the sky the clouds produce infinite daydream·····All of a sudden,A few lovely birds flying through the low altitude,chirp,As if to white cloud son say "hello".   I would like to become a white clouds in the sky,regardless,leisure,Can jump out of the three worlds,Not in the five elements,Two ears not smell street noise,Free swimming·····