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  今夜,泡上一杯咖啡,又准备熬到很晚。    一年转眼就过去了大半。我总有一种感觉,觉得[JueDe]日子过的匆匆,而生活似乎过的漫不经心。    这种感觉长期埋在心底,如果你说它是唯心的,它却又实实在在的存在。    人生[RenSheng]经历的岁月越长,走过的路也就越多。可是不是存在这样一种情形呢——我们因为长途跋涉走了很远的路,就渐渐忘了当初为什么出发,想往哪里去,想要达成怎样的梦想?    我认为我就是这样子,渐渐[JianJian]的混迹人群[RenQun]中,失去了自我的颜色。除了柴米油盐的世俗生活,我不知道我还追求的有什么?    幸好我还保持着做人的纯真与激情。无论是在我的文字中,还是在我的俗世生活中,我都是一个很有激情的人。我最大的特质在于我的笑,人未到,笑先闻,而且笑的那么[NaMe]“放肆”,笑的那么[NaMe]开心。大家都爱称呼我“视线老顽童”,很多年轻姑娘常说我“你都四十多了,还笑的那么[NaMe]有感染力。”呵呵,我很欣慰。    朋友阿秦爱打牌,经常熬通宵。他对我说过,其实你的码字,与我码长城是一样的,无非都是为了打发无聊,消磨时光。我认真一想,或许真还差不多。我的码字也就自己的一种生活方式,至于有什么收获,还真没有。    也许我坚持码字,只是为了抗拒人生[RenSheng]的庸常——不过这也就是体现了一种生活态度,而已。    内心有了这样的念想,人生[RenSheng]的行进中就得多承受一份孤独。我选择孤独,渐渐[JianJian]也就习惯了孤独。但这并不意味着我想要离群索居,选择与人群[RenQun]对立。我既向往孤独静处,又贪爱混在人群中的欢乐。这后一点可以以我的喝酒为证——我好酒,且常常聚众饮酒,寻欢取乐。    很有时候我觉得[JueDe]人生[RenSheng]最幸福的事,就是时时有美女陪着喝酒,还能写出人们爱读的文字。    不管如何,我始终没有沉陷不起过。职场我觉得[JueDe]人无法丢掉自己,因此自暴自弃无济于事。  tonight,A cup of coffee,Ready to stay up late again.    Quickly over the past half a year.I always have a feeling,Think of life in a hurry,And life seems to be too casual.    This feeling buried in the bottom of my heart for a long time,If you say it is idealism,It is the existence of the real.    The longer the life experiences of years,The more the road.But there is not such a situation——We walked a long way for a long journey,Will gradually forget why start,Want to go to where,Want to achieve what kind of dream?    I think I am like this,Gradually hung out in the crowd,The color of the lost self.In addition to the daily necessities of the secular life,I don't know what I pursue?    Fortunately,I still keep in your innocence and passion.Whether it's in my words,Still in my earthly life,I am a very passionate person.Of my biggest qualities is my smile,People not to,Smile to smell,And then laugh“unbridled”,So happy smile.Everybody call me love“Old urchin”,Many young girls always said I“You are more than forty,Still laughing so contagious.”Ha ha,I'm relieved.    O friend qin love CARDS,Often sit up all night.He told me that,In fact you code word,The Great Wall with my code is the same,Nothing is to boredom,Killing time.I seriously want to,Perhaps I also almost.My code word is a way of life,What did you get for,Still not really.    Perhaps I'm sticking to my code word,Just in order to resist the actual life——But this is also reflected a kind of attitude to life,".    Heart with such thoughts,Life is much more in walking on a lonely.I choose to loneliness,Gradually become accustomed to loneliness,too.But that doesn't mean I want to live in isolation,Choose the opposite of the crowd.I was yearning lonely and quiet,And whoever loves to mix in the crowd cheer.After this thing is in my drinking——I good wine,And often drinking,Just for fun.    Really sometimes I think life is the most happiness thing,Is always accompanied with beauty drink,People can write love reading text.    No matter how,I can't never subsidence.I think people can't lose myself,So desperate to no avail.