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  夜深深,凉如水。   白日的酷热与喧嚣就像被彻底的镇压了。   炎炎夏日,只有当人们都熟睡以后,才会呈现出如此“冷酷”的一面:幽静而凉爽。   此刻,我还沉迷在电脑屏幕前。忽然感觉时空静谧的有些瘆人,便点开自己[ZiJi]收藏的音乐[YinLe],瞬间,音乐[YinLe]如流水般泄出。   不敢将声音放大,恐惊天上人。将音量调至最低,闭目静听。   音乐[YinLe]如月光轻泻——我脑海里如同梦境般浮现了一种情景:寂静的天空[TianKong],淡蓝的河水,碧绿的草地,我穿着一件干净的休闲服,坐在草地上,背靠大树,呆呆的望着的天空[TianKong],望着静静流淌的水·····   静夜中的想象是美丽的,丫丫女人收集整理也是孤独的。   我这个喜欢读书写字的夜猫子,很享受这样的时光。摆脱了白天工作的压力,也不为俗世的名利而烦恼,这一刻内心是真正快乐的,隐约有了云朵自由飘浮的痕迹。   还根本没有睡意,或者根本就舍不得[SheBuDe]去睡,于是一边听着音乐[YinLe],一边摊开《宋词选集》,赏析李清照的“醉花阴”:   “薄雾浓云愁永昼,瑞脑消金兽。佳节又重阳,玉枕纱厨,半夜凉初透。   东篱把酒黄昏后,有暗香盈袖。莫道不销魂,母婴帘卷西风,人比黄花瘦。”   淡淡的忧伤将我缠绕,越陷越深,我好像又看见了年少时那个很忧郁气质的我。   又点开电脑[DianNao]文档,码字。读了别人的心情,书写自己[ZiJi]的情愫。把自己[ZiJi]的文字象纸飞机一样丢出去,丢在无边的静夜里。   短促的一生,我有我的、你有你的,各以不种的方式燃烧着生命力。  Deep night,Cool calm.   Daytime heat and noise like be completely crushed.   Sorching summer,Only when people are sleeping,Will be presented“cold”One side of the:A quiet and cool.   At the moment,I went in front of a computer screen.Suddenly feel time quiet some scary,They clicked on collection of music,In an instant,Music like water flowing out.   Dare not to sound amplification,Fear of tc here.Set the volume to a minimum,Eye closure and listen.   Music such as moonlight laxation——My mind a scene like dream emerged:The silent sky,Pale blue waters of the river,Green grass,I wore a casual clothes clean,Sitting on the grass,Back to the tree,Dull looking at the sky,Looking at the flowing water·····   In the stillness of the night is beautiful imagination,Is lonely.   I like to read and write the late,Enjoy this time.Get rid of the stress of work in the day,Don't trouble for earthly fame and fortune,This moment is really happy inside,With faint traces of the clouds float around.   Still no sleep,Or to go to sleep at all,Then listen to the music,Side out[Ci poetry anthology],Appreciation of li qingzhao“Drunk flower Yin”:   “The mist thick cloud sorrow ever day,R brain gold beast elimination.Festival and chongyang,Jade pillow ShaChu,At the beginning of cool in the middle of the night through.   Tori wine after dusk,A fragrance surplus sleeve.Mo way not to occupy,Curtain roll westerly winds,People thinner than yellow flower.”   Gentle sadness entangled me,deeper,I think I saw that I very melancholy temperament of the youth.   It opens at and computer files,Code word.Read other people's mood,Write their own feelings.To throw his words like a paper airplane out,Lost in the boundless night.   The brevity of life,I have my/You have your,In no way the burning vitality.