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  近来好友阿高很郁闷。   他说他负责了职场一项重要工作[GongZuo],前两天接受了上级的考核验收。在这之前长达半年的时间里,他几乎日夜就泡在这项工作里,连续下乡督促下面的人抓好落实,自己[ZiJi]还加班加点编造资料,简直达到了废寝忘食的地步。可考核结果呢,上面的人很不满意,而顶头上司更是对他面沉如墨,那意思不言而喻:你小子天天[TianTian]在偷懒,不努力[NuLi]。   阿高向我倾诉,视线说自己混职场这么多年了,何曾不努力[NuLi]过?即便看着别人不做事,一天天[TianTian]轻轻松松的混,自己[ZiJi]也从来没有放松过,照样勤勤恳恳,兢兢业业·····可对于职场的领导,在他们眼里,过程如何并不重要[ZhongYao],只关心结果[JieGuo]怎样·····   我都听得双耳起茧子了,母婴谁愿意听人述苦经呢?于是我笑道,打住!该干嘛干嘛去,继续做好你自己[ZiJi]。   多说无益。对于[DuiYu]职场中阿高这类人,其实命运早已注定了。  High o friends recently very depressed.   He said he is responsible for the workplace is an important work,Two days before the accept the assessment and acceptance of the higher level.Before that,for up to six months,He almost bubble in the work day and night,Continuous to the countryside to urge the people carry out below,Oneself still work overtime to make information,It reached the point of sleepless nights.But the assessment results,The above are not satisfied,The boss is on his face like ink,The meaning is self-evident:Your boy every day being lazy,Don't work hard.   O tell me high,Said he mixed workplace for so many years,Ever don't work hard?Even watching others not do,Day after day easily mix,Never relax myself,So diligent,conscientiously·····But for the leadership in the workplace,In their eyes,It doesn't matter how,Only care about the results·····   I could hear your ears flood-battered residents,Who is willing to listen to a person this bitter after?So I laughed,stop!To do anything she likes,We will continue to do yourself.   Say more useless.China-arab high such people in the workplace,In fact,it has been doomed fate.

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