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  Another weekend is coming soon,The weather is cloudy,The temperature is very comfortable.


  In the extreme heat,Either days inflammation Yang high temperature,Either the heavy rain,Can occasionally encountered a cool weather,Just like now.


  Although the temperature pleasant,But the thought of this is the last weekend of July,Impatient at the door to spy out again in August,Should feel time to walk too fast,And as if to waste my time day after day after day,Have a talk about depression.


  Sun time and waste,Twilight time intended!


  In the morning,I stand in a cool,on the balcony,A thoughtful looked at a distance.Finally get rid of the workplace busy and stress of the week,This weekend,I'm totally relaxed down,No business to do,Actually I don't want to do what is it.I just want to put clouds scud across a ignored the cool expression of the pose,Busy people at the rolling in the world of mortals.


  In times of flood,People seem to get impetuous,Always want to discover more things in the life,To live a life of Jane light,To keep the peace of mind,How difficult,It devilishly hard to!


  I kept the habit of code word every day,A quiet and in.


  Every day I want to write the words the better,More able to bear or endure look,It makes more sense to.Strong twisting of the melon is not sweet,This article tiancheng,His inspiration of.I have to do,Just keep a writing position every day,The stillness of the spirit.


  Each one chance in life,Each has got down.The so-called happiness,We just a feeling of the heart,And each desire standard is also different.But no matter how,People should avoid falling every day,Need spirit life,In return for a day of freedom and peace.

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