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  Acquaintances old used to be a civil servant leadership,Now take a back seat.


  There is a strange phenomenon in the workplace,When leadership,As long as the outgoing,Can not work anymore,Even if should not YingMao every day,Has no one tube,Why want to do,My a few years,Do retire when the time is up,During the period of wages/Benefits a lot.


  Now old living in seclusion.What is a recluse,Is not even basic unit party between colleagues involved,Early to bed and early to rise every day,Doing morning exercises in the city mall,Mainly to jog,Keep walking,Don't go more than two hours non-stop,Quite a bit“Line to water poor place,Sit up watching the clouds”The meaning of.The day of life,Drink a little wine,Playing a small card;Do the most“seriously”One of the things,May be personally cooking lunch,With two kind of snacks should we have,In clay pot soup.Retired from leadership positions,Eric's cooking,He said that the secret of access to food major have to possess“Three hearts”:Concentrate on/love(enthusiasm)And patience.


  Old saw me,Often said:“bro,Never done in the workplace,What are you busy??You are the boss a lot,Can profession,Leave unfinished business with young people.”So I listen to a wry smile,To change the subject.


  How do I don't want to refund,Back to where to go?I try again this life,It's a pity that no life,Hasn't been as a civil servant leadership,Had to step-by-step to work every day,“Look at his face,Go out to see the sky”.Dissension in the workplace,Waves surging,Not a day but in a stream,The following may not respond,Do my best,Muddle along.I can the smooth mix too easy,Said back,Back to where?


  Rolling in the world of mortals,People were very yearning like tao yuanming seclusion,“Under the tori picking,Carefree and see nanshan”.But before the seclusion,Narathiwat also bureau to count,And I of this,Are count for the bureau.I love nature freedom desultoriness,Has been promoting zhuangzi,Want to live a life that eschews unfettered,Can the environment force,Nowhere to retreat,Have to continue to struggle.

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