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  Good in every day look forward to the day of arrival,Today is Chinese valentine's day.


  In the traditional festival,What is a Chinese valentine's day holiday,General also too lazy to explore the modern people——We are accustomed to the fast food culture,Only know Chinese evolution over time,Already became the Chinese valentine's day,That's enough.


  It's rare to Chinese“love”As the theme of the festival,In order to vega and folklore as the carrier,Abide by the promise of love,Watchman commitment of love.


  In ancient Chinese poems about Chinese valentine's day,Most people are familiar with is one of qin dynasty poets[Magpie fairy·Fiber cloud very]:“Fiber cloud very,Fly,the hate,Banks went dark.Goldwind high curative value a meet,Then win the world.gentle,Moment like a dream,Return of magpie.If love between two long,And do exist.”


  I remember the bai juyi's[Everlasting regret]In the Chinese verse:“Chen on July 7th,When midnight no whisper.A pair of lovebirds is willing to do in the day,On the ground and is willing to twinned trunks.”——Love jiangshan more love beautiful women,A generation of king also so be immersed in love,Teary ending,I'm basically speechless..


  When I was a child often listen to the adults said,July 7 is the gigolo knit magpie bridge meet day,If night time stay under the grape shelf,Confidences can hear they say.The curiosity of young children is always difficult to meet,I will midnight secretly climb up from the bed,Quietly into the under the grape trellis,I whisper to eavesdrop on vega.Heard or didn't hear,Also can't remember.But then the sky is always very sunny,Stars twinkle,The ground vegetation fragrance,Beauty an,Straight with unreal immortal of elevation.It's a pity that,Now live in the cage lights and shadows often cover city,Never again see such a beautiful pictures and have such an appeal.


  Today the weather cool in the sun,The weather forecast and shower,Predictably,,Tonight I was destined to also do not have.The middle-aged,Heart depressed,I look forward to most is Chinese valentine's day night sky sunny,A curved thin waxing moon hung faint,At this moment,I like is her a word:“Silence alone on the west wing,On such as hook.Lonely wutong,Deep courtyard lock clear autumn.Shear constantly,Richard also disorderly,Is sadness.Don't have a taste in the heart.”Actually,,I don't have much sorrow,I just remember to focus on the natural landscape in this moment——Busy day after day after day,scrum,Let a person forget nature around.


  tonight,Really there will be a bridge in the sky,Let the gigolo knit meet?And the world,If really can have eternal love?passage,Maybe this world there is no eternal things,But I still want to believe that there are the love of the seas run dry and the rocks crumble,And I sincerely wish all shall be well,jack shall have Jill!


  If no month tonight,But a month in your heart,It is enough.