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  Two days before the beginning of autumn.


  The beginning of autumn day,Heavy rains cats and dogs,The temperature is cool.Many people view the rain while said:A rain a cold,I'm afraid this will cool down.


  Ha ha,Want to have to beauty.


  Only a day of rain,Then after a storm comes a calm,Followed by days of sunny/Strong solar radiation,High temperature heat as much as before the beginning of autumn.


  That is the people often said“After summer”!.Folk also sums up the 24 of autumn,I think this is the implicit,of course.


  Huang is a Renaissance man,He thinks I'm hot autumn here is wrong.He said,After summer should describe the dog days the temperature still high fever is not retreated after ending of the dog days,We still have ten days from the ending of the dog days,Which come after summer?


  Huang may be right.Tube he?,Since the beginning of autumn,Still high temperature exposure,Hot and wet,Is pretty hot autumn on the ahead of time.


  Autumn is a paper tiger,imposing,Above room!


  An unprecedented hot this summer,Some people from small town without the use of air conditioning,Has been using air conditioning people feel got air-conditioning dependence from now on,Need ChengSu open,Also don't know how long it will be just don't have to.


  Even if the home have air conditioning,Can the kitchen steamer,People stay inside for a moment“cooked”the;Into the bathroom to take a bath,Most of the people never cold bath can be rest assured,A switch on the cold water that hot water temperature,Waiting for you to wash the same temperature to drop down,Almost don't need to use hot water.You also have to go out have air conditioning,Open a hot gas such as shells hit,Sweat suddenly became a string,From the tip face international drip,Sometimes into eyes,Can't see the road.


  I admire most is the day to night cicadas scream loudly,Like the workplace wenshan sea that stimulated the microphone,Keep the eardrum to you“The bombing”——Let the meeting come more violent!Is very afraid of it.


  Walk to the meeting today,Only 200 meters distance is hot I was sweating copiously,Clothes are glued on the back,It was after heat power.Sit in air conditioning,Sweat to fade,Feeling is really comfortable,But from the podium of hum,infest,A sleep mean unstoppable······

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